Long Island, Bahamas

Special Attactions

  • Columbus Monument

    Yes, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue and...came to Long Island. Long Islanders commemorate this event with the Columbus Monument located at the very north of the island near Seymour's. In addition to being a historic site, it is also a beautiful one. The monument overlooks white cliffs sinking down into blue waters. Go north and bring a camera.

  • Adderly Plantation Ruins

    Go north to Stella Maris to see plantation ruins that date back to the turn of the 19th century. Abraham Adderly, a Brit living in Nassau, procured 700 acres of land to develop and bring commerce to the island by raising livestock and cotton. His son expanded his vision to nearly 2,500 acres employing many on the island. But the dynasty did not last long as the Knowles family took the land off the Adderly Family's hands for just one shilling an acre. Over time, pieces of the land were handed down to family until Herbert Schnapka, bought the majority share of it. Today the area is now known as the "Stella Maris Estate."

  • The Caves

    It might be an island but there are literally hundreds of caves to be explored throughout it. Some of the better known and more extensive caves are Deadman's Cay,Dunmore's, Mortimer's, and Hamilton's Caves. Guides to take you through the tunnel systems can be arranged for all of them and they are all worth taking a look at it. In fact, Mortimer’s cave is the site of the Cartwright Duho Cave where 3 Lucayan duhos (ceremonial Stools) were found in 1988. Then Dunmore’s cave has 2 old Indian drawings on the wall and two tunnels, one which leads to the ocean. What an Island!

  • Beaches

    The trouble with beaches in Long Island is that there are so many of them that you can't really name them all. Nevertheless, Long Island is known as The Most Scenic Island in The Bahamas. Remember, the island is 80 miles long and so there are hundreds of beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic and Caribbean shores. Of course, some are more honored like Cape Santa Maria Beach on the northern side where sugar can't compete with these white sands. Then of course there is Galloway Beach and Gordon's Beach in the south. No matter where you go, its worth the trip.