Long Island, Bahamas

Go For It

  • Owning a Piece of It

    Owning a little land in Long Island is not just a great cocktail conversation piece but a solid investment and a useful one. When the stock market is doing so poorly, why not invest into something real and tangible. Unlike a regular stock investment, you can vacation in this one.

  • A Quick Overview

    If you want to buy land in the Bahamas, work with one of the friendly real estate companies on Long Island. Schedule a day to see the island through available properties for sale, rent, and lease.

    Here is a tip, if you are going for beachfront, see it during High tide.



Buying property in the Bahamas is a process. Here are a few steps in that process. First, keep in mind that no Bank that does not have an office or branch in Long Island will finance your purcahse (that goes for both USA and Bahamian Banks). So unless you are going to purchase it in cash, this means you will most likely use ScotiaBank or RBC. Next, and assuming you have found your perfect piece of property, contact a lawyer to keep the process smooth and efficient. After a good review of the title and deed, paying some stamp taxes, and lawyer fees, you are on your way to owning propety in the Bahamas.

Once you have your piece of property in your name. For residential purposes, you will need to repeat the process but get in contact with local contractors. Click on the link below to hear about that.