Long Island, Bahamas

Top Three Hotels of Long Island

  • Stella Marris Resort

    Stella Maris Resort is an “intimate plantation-style out island Bahamas hotel “offering a wide range of tropical Bahamas vacation rentals and accommodations, from panoramic ocean-view rooms to 4-bedroom water front and beach front Bahamas bungalows, some even with private pool.

  • Chez Pierre

    Discover Chez Pierre, unique "sea and sun"  Bahamas beach resort, its secluded crescent beach and private cottages overlooking the sea. Where each day is a treasure. With delightful meals served in our oceanfront tropical restaurant alongside breathtaking peaceful surroundings.

  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

    Untouched... undiscovered... barefoot elegance in a Caribbean paradise. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort is unlike any place you have ever experienced. Mile after mile of silky-fine sandy beach melts into the warm turquoise water.

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Long Island is a place Home to one of the oldest dive operations in The Bahamas, Long Island has numerous shallow and deep dive sites, but is best known for Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest recorded blue hole in The Bahamas (more than 600 feet). The western shoreline of the 80-mile-long island has soft sandy beaches capped with rich green mangroves. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Long Island is a haven for fishing, sailing and yachting in "The Bahamas Out Islands".